Yup’ik Dancing and Masks

When I start carving a mask, I always feel a sense of trepidation. A fear that I will make a mistake or finish one that doesn’t feel right. The fear doesn’t last however, it is soon replaced with a sensation of purpose and gratitude. In those moments, I feel my culture coming alive from the wood itself. As if it is speaking to me, letting me know carving is my contribution to keeping the Yup’ik culture thriving.

As I begin this project of carving masks and other artwork, I am reliving what our ancestors used to practice. Preparing masks that represent spirits of women or men long gone or various animals. Each one has their own meaning. Every wood chip and shaving comes closer to the story unfolding that represents the mask. When complete a spirit is born into the mask ready to be worn.

When worn by a dancer, the mask’s spirit embodies them to convey a message. They become the spirit’s messenger for all those present. The spirit answers the prayers of the audience as the ceremony of dancing unfolds. To everyone present during the dance, the spirit speaks to us personally to our souls and well-being as a people.

This mask in particular represents Nukallpiaq, or Great Hunter. Its spirit celebrates the hunters who provide for their loved ones year-round. Granting hunters to a successful harvest. Through the mask, providers will find themselves granted fortune for their hunts this year.

As I carve this mask, I am also thanking the spirit for providing everyone in this region successful hunting trips. The hunters have provided their families and friends much needed food. Food that will help sustain families throughout the year.

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