About Alaska Native Artists

Read about our Alaska Native Artists:

For thousands of years, Alaskan Natives have depended upon the land to provide. From wood to feathers, ivory to clay, grass to berries everything is used and nothing is wasted.

Our ancestors considered the land, and all it contains significant for traditional ways of life. Through these traditions and artistic expression, others will recognize, discern and appreciate our culture and artwork. We hope to celebrate and talk about Alaska Native Artists and their work.

From hand carvings to weaved baskets, decorative regalia and traditional clothing, cutlery and tools. All the art in the gallery are museum quality, handmade with the highest quality material and greatest of care.

We hope you enjoy browsing our collection of artwork, artist’s profiles and stories behind each piece. If you see a piece that speaks to you and would like more information, please feel free to contact us today. Thank you for visiting!

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